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Sabtu, 10 Januari 2009

Civil Aircraft

Civil aircraft is aircraft used to transport passengers and their baggage and civilian cargo (with a certain capacity). The requirements on the carriage is set in the civil law, both the government and international agencies through the United Nations called ICAO (International Civil Aviation organization). As well as the development of aircraft, the development of civilian passenger aircraft also colored the development of hot air balloon and zeppelin. Zeppelin may be called pure passenger planes because they are capable and can carry passengers as the aircraft is controlled. It was first used as a passenger plane in 1909 by the first airline, Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-AG (DELAG).

After World War II, many new airlines established in various parts of the world by using military transport planes that are not used again and the latest innovations in the form of jet engine, which first appeared in comparison engine turboprop. The Comet type of jet aircraft as the first civilian jet aircraft operated. However, the accident occurred due to metal fatigue, which was still difficult to identify, making the development of jet aircraft somewhat hampered.

Then, the idea appears to make the big sizes aircraft jet that is capable cross to various countries. With the big sized planes, the cost of tickets can be cut because the plane is able to carry 300 more passengers to the destination in a one-time departure.

Several types of big sizes aircraft are used in indonesian among others : Lion Air With Boeing 900 ER and mandala air, batavia air with Airbus.

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