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Kamis, 09 April 2009

Avia Star Aircraft Fall In Mountain Pike

Aircraft have a small "Avia Star" who fly from the Sentani Airport, Jayapura on Thursday around 06.00 LT and the planned landing at Wamena airport, Jayawijaya District at around 07.00 LT alleged fall in the peak of Mount Pike about 15 km from Airport of Wamena.

Officials in Wamena Airport Tower continue to contact the plane, but lost contact. Suddenly Airport officials see no whiff of smoke and tongues of fire appear on the top of the mountain Pike.

He said that, at the time this Wamena Airport officials appear busy and vociferous in this Airport. They prepare all sesuatunya because of smoke in the peak of Mount Pike thick

Kamis, 19 Maret 2009

Explosion In The Sriwijaya Air Aircraft

LAMPUNG - The internal research team on the incidence of Sriwijaya Air failed take off in the Airport Raden Intan, Lampung, the cause of the explosion is a bird into the engine.

The team found, dead birds are located in the left-wing aircraft and the many who fall plumage. "It's a bird into the engine due to engine aircraft, cause a small explosion, eruption that is heard by the passengers and the pilot," said the Head of Airport Darmaji

Internal inspection team carried out for half an hour in the airport apron, the aircraft failed to take off and decided not to fly. As many as 126 passengers evacuated the airport to the waiting room.

"Alhamdulillah not have hurt. Some of the passengers just a little shock," said Darmaji.

When this type of aircraft Boeing 737-200, with flight number PK-CJA 089 can depart and the team concluded that there are no engine problem.

Previously, the Sriwijaya aircraft flight route with Lampung-Jakarta was in the runway for a freelance base. Preparation take time off with the V1 speed, sudden burst of sound in the machine direction of the left wing.

Pilot and Co Pilot experience fuselage sloping to the left. They ask permission to the tower to imprison and take off back to the airport apron.

Selasa, 03 Maret 2009

Riau Airlines Will Be Flight To "Kerinci"

The presence of the flight or air transport to Kerinci that will be serviced by the Riau Airlines to drag or bring investors to the Kerinci of Jambi Province.

Head of Department of Trade and Industry Kerinci, Lukman, in Kerinci, said the presence of the flight will be the opportunity to open the entry of large investors.

During this lack of means of transportation become obstacles in developing a range of potential, particularly mining and tourism. In fact both of them quite a lot of potential and can be relied on to stimulate economic at Kerinci, he said.

Go Kerinci can only be through a means of land transportation,that is in damaged condition, need a long time and tiring time for newcomers who want to visit.

Now Riau Airlines will start flights in early April 2009, believed to be able to increase the visits of tourists and investors both in and outside the country.

A number of investors, have previously visited Kerinci, to explore the various potentials which have the potential such as gold, agriculture, and other. However, there is not continue .

Most of the investors who have come to recognize the Kerinci,many investment opportunities that can developing in areas that are cool at the foot of Mount Kerinci, but there is no flight to make investors reluctant to follow up desires.

The presence of Riau Airlines flight, the investors will be to develop a variety of filtering that have potential, and is clearly a very positive impact for both large and local communities, said Lukman.

DAE will finance the procurement of eight Boeing 737-800 For Garuda Indonesia

International financing institutions aircraft, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (Dae), will finance the procurement of eight Boeing 737-800 aircraft for the Next Generation operated for Garuda Indonesia.

Financing starts with the signing of CEO of Dae Robert J Genise and Director of Garuda Emirsyah Satar witnessed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and leaders of six other Islamic countries, at the World Islamic Economic Conference (WIEC) in Jakarta.

Robert J Genise said after signing, the Garuda plane that will be financed by Dae is the type of Next Generation Boeing 737-800 with 156 passenger capacity.The Aircraft start to come to Indonesia in June, said Robert.

Boeing 737-800 Okay Airways Owner

How much of the funds that will digelontorkan to buy the plane, Robert said the number would not be disclosed. However, the value ranges on the 350 million U.S. dollars.

The period of financing aircraft, said Robert, for 12 years. Garuda will rent the plane in time. After the aircraft became the property of Dae and Garuda can extend the contract cost.

Separately, Emirsyah Satar, said the price of one unit of Boeing 737-800 NG is around 45 million U.S. dollars. Aircraft will be shipped in new condition from the manufacturer in the United States. Modern airplanes will be in the new condition we used. This year there are five aircraft resumed come next year, said Emirsyah.

According to him, such as lease financing pattern is conducted by Garuda to maintain airplanes modern. According to him, Boeing 737-800 NG, at this time into a modern aircraft, but 10 years may be behind the times of Garuda, so do not want to have them.
( Source : )

Senin, 23 Februari 2009

Lion Air Accident At Batam

Lion Air with flight number JT 972 which departed from Medan to Batam have emergency landing at Hang Nadim Airport, Batam. The plane landed after a spin in the air for about 1.5 hours because the front wheel does not work.

Planes depart from Medan, North Sumatra at 16:30 WIB to carry 156 passengers. However, when the land in Batam, Riau Islands, the front wheels can not go out. Finally, a pilot named captain Anwar took the initiative to bring the plane whirligig on the airport.

In addition to reducing the fuel, this maneuver is also intended that the wheels can be out front. About 1.5 hours, the plane hover in the air, but the front wheel is still not out also. Until then, the sound through the flight attendant ordered all passengers who have the goods to be taken immediately to save on baggage.

He also ask that all passengers wear high-heeled shoes to immediately open it because the plane's emergency landing due to damaged front wheel.

According to one of his passengers, after hearing this announcement at the passengers panic. Many of them while the said "istighfar" hope over fear their safety.

Finally the plane landed at 18:30 WIB. Lucky landing was successfully made with the survivors. When the plane landed, landing in the vicinity of the location has been prepared at least 3 car fire.

Due to this incident, 2 passenger was to Budi Kemulyaan hospital due to chair in front of it. However, all other passengers be safe, although the visible shock.

Sabtu, 14 Februari 2009

Award For Best Toilet Airport

Ministry of Culture and Tourism to give the award to the 15 airports that have the best toilets. This event is a form Sapta Pesona efforts to develop industry and tourism through the toilet facilities.

"This program is already included in budget 2009. Rating will start in May and the award in October," said Director of Community Development Directorate General destinations Culture and Tourism Ministry of Tourism Bakri in Jakarta.

Bakri explained, the assessment will be conducted by the institutions, community representatives, media electronic/newspaper, and experts who competent in the toilet. The assessors, the Association of Indonesian House Keeping, media representatives, Toilet Association of Indonesia, the Indonesian Consumer Foundation Institute (YLKI), the Ministry of Health, Ministry of State Owned Enterprises, and Culture And Tourism departement.

The assessment process is only made to the international airport. For many tourists, especially foreigners, will come through the international airport. From there, intrepetation on Indonesia at the start of hygiene and comfort when using the toilet. "Not as much as what equipment is used, but how invesment in care toilet use," he said.

Airport planned entry in the assessment:

1. Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar

2. Sultan Syarif Kasim Airport II Pekanbaru

3. Hang Nadim Airport, Batam

4. Soekarno-Hatta Airport , Banten

5. Sepinggan Airport, Balikpapan

6. Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar

7. Juanda Airport, Surabaya

8. Sam Ratulangi Airport, Manado

9. Airports Minangkabau, Padang

10. Supadio Airport, Pontianak

11. Polonia Airport, Medan

12. Airports Eltari, Kupang

13. Airports Selaparang, Mataram

14. Adisucipto Airport, Jogjakarta

15. Airport Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, Palembang
( source )

Sabtu, 07 Februari 2009

Heavy Rain Caused Ahmad Yani Airport Closed

Heavy rain the day Saturday (07 February) caused the Ahmad yani Airport at Semarang,central java forced closed. Since sunday morning to sunday afternoon aircraft not landing or take off from the Ahmad Yani airport Semarang. General manager of PT Angkasa pura I Ahmad Yani Airport said all flights, both arrivals and departures, delayed because of water on the runway to reach 13 centimeters, while the tolerance limit is only 10 centimeters. "We do not dare to open the airport in conditions like this because they are afraid there will be a natural that does not want to," he said.

Several planes were forced to experience delays, in addition to departure and Arrival . For departure have 12 flight plan and the pending for arrival of 9 plan also delayed.

To reduce the water PT Angkasa Pura plan to use suction machine water so that water may soon subside, and the airport can be opened again.

Some prospective passengers who have come to the Ahmad Yani Airport must to wait until the airport ahmad yani ready to operate again. "We estimate around 13:00 WIB Ahmad Yani Airport could operate again" said bambang suwarsono.

Kamis, 05 Februari 2009

Bird Strike

Threats that endanger the safety of flight can cause a number of factors, one of them can be caused by birds and the plane crash during landing or will take-off. Invensi this corresponds to a system and equipment with a bird repellent methods "Electro acoustic," especially with the wipe "Sweep" frequency sensitive equipment in the area with the duration of hearing a bird within 30 seconds and can be controlled from the remote.

Method "elctro acoustic" with a focus on the voice signal in amplitudo with particular frequency on the "sonic". Bird repellent equipment system according to the invention consists of 4 parts: the source of the signal, brace signal, the voice and instrument control.

The working principles of the acoustic signal with the help of a tool set at a certain frequency and then discharge amplitudo strengthened by the speaker (loudspeaker), and with the frequency signal is then a certain emanated to all directions. Acoustic signal will be received by the noisy birds as exposure to birds, so birds will feel disturbed and will be going from a location close to the speaker. (Source By "AVIASI" Magazine And LIPI)

Machine Suspected Cause Pelita Air Accident.

National Transportation Safety Committee or "KNKT" not see the human element (human error) of negligence in the accident helicopter owned by PT Pelita Air Service at the airport Pondok Cabe, Tangerang, Banten.

While the investigation results indicate, that the accident be the life of two engineers that due to engine malfunction. While the pilot and mechanics have been working according to the procedure. Said Chairman of "KNKT" Tatang Kurniadi in Jakarta.

Tatang Kurniadi explains, the accident investigation to the Super Puma heli is still in progress. The Committee will be working for one full month to examine the function of the system, hydraulic, auto pilot and heli-made in France in 1982.

Previously, the Pelita Air Service to ensure that the last helicopter to fly back on January 27, is still in good condition. ( Read : Pelita Air Service Accident )

Restrictions Flying to Europe Will Be Pull

After since July 2007, all indonesian airlines fly prohibited Europe region, starting from march indonesian airlines will fly back to heaven Europe.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Obtain assurance from the European union delegation Julian Wilson. Cancellation flying restrictions that would be expected march , at least July.

As Write In the tabloids "AVIASI", presidential spokesman Foreign Dino Patty Djalal said "Wilson sure think that in the mid of this year, restrictions flying to Europe will be canceled.

Published laws flight to be important factors that cause the union europe remove restrictions for airlines flying indonesian.

Really indonesian airlines can fly back to Europe ..?

Rabu, 04 Februari 2009

Runway Of Supadio Airport Is Not Eligible

The government of west Kalimantan plans to develop runway and other facilities at the Supadio Airport worth Rp30 trillion with the concept of "Aerocity" or a city in the area around the airport.

Investors who will invest in the development Aerocity in Supadio Airport Pontianak , among others, the company `s Atkin Singapore. China and Korea are also ready to invest.

The government hopes, what is ideally Department Of Transportasi approval, so that Supadio Airport Pontianak not narrow as it is.

Supadio Airport in Pontianak, is the largest airport in west Kalimantan that serves approximately 1200 to 1700 passengers each day to different routes. Airlines that use Supadio, namely Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batavia Air, Sriwijaya Air, Kalstar, Indonesia Air Transport, and Deraya Air Service. Aircraft type generally used Boeing 737 series 200 - 400.

Sabtu, 31 Januari 2009

Lion Air Failed To Fly

Types of Boeing aircraft belonging to Lion Air to fly from the failed airport Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta. The aircraft with flight number JT 394 plan flight to Medan, North Sumatra.

The pilot suddenly play the course so the plane ready to take off. Aircraft to be returned aphron.

Some witnesses said, had a whiff of smoke seen from the back of the plane. However, Lion Air President Director Edward Sirait disprove that. He said, no damaged aircraft Lion.

Also at the airport by saying that the plane did not have the Lion Air damaged and no planes lion Airr delayed in flight.

Jumat, 30 Januari 2009

Pelita Air Services Accident

Super Puma helicopter owned by Pelita Air Services accident at 09.45 WIB, Thursday, January 29, 2009.

Accident began when the helicopter will be tested to fly. Helicopter lost control and rolled. The engine helicopter destroyed. The same propeller helicopter participate damaged.

Two accidents resulted in the victim died. Both are qualified flight PT Pelita Air Service. Police ambulance ride, the second hearse and taken to the installation and maintenance forensic corpse Fatmawati Hospital.

The second victim is Sri Setiabudi, 44 years old, residents Housing Earth Pelita Kencana Blok A Pondok Cabe, and Suparja Ahmad, 54 years old, residents kampung Gondrong , Tangerang.

Both conditions remains quite serious. Suparja Ahmad's body cut in some parts. Meanwhile, the body of Sri Setiabudi split in the chest, hands and left. Both died due to exposure rotor helicopter.

Events during the middle of engineers trying to test the new engine type of helicopter that superpuma. The two engineers were out of helicopters. When propeller in full lap, suddenly agency helicopter roll to the left and the two mechanics hit the propeller.

Rabu, 28 Januari 2009

Riau Airlines Leave Kalimantan

After a long fly routes in Kalimantan, Riau Airlines, Starting early in 2009 no longer fly in the sky kalimantan. Airlines owned by the Government of the Riau previous fly routes Balikpapan, Berau, Kotabaru and Banjarmasin.Riau Airlines And indeed become one of the people in the travel east kalimantan with air transportation. With aircraft type Foker 50, Riau Airlines to serve passengers in kalimantan.

According to information, The Aircraft was drawn due to lack of fleet Riau Airlines in serving sumatra flights in the region and areas northwest of Indonesia. Indeed, during this Riau Airlines fly many routes in northwestern Indonesia, among others: Batam, Pangkal pinang, and of course, Pekanbaru.

Vacuum in kalimantan route that does not take long. After Riau Airlines decided not to operate in kalimantan, Airlines Trigana Air Service does not want a long opportunity to see it. Start date of January 23 2009 Trigana Air Service Official fly routes Balikpapan-Kotabaru and Banjarmasin.

Now people in Banjarmasin and Kotabaru does not need to worry because in travel Trigana Air Service with the type of ATR 42 aircraft ready to attend.

Senin, 26 Januari 2009

Flight Attendant

In each flight we always serve by a woman who is always faithful to serve the needs of our journey in flight. Ranging from how to use the safety belt, placement Cabin baggage or serve our food and drink during the flight.

Every company have method to service in flight, including what will be done by flight attendant. In addition to providing flight information, a stewardess also become a means in providing sales services to passengers.

Flight Attendant during the flight journey together is the "cabin crew", while the pilot (in the cockpit) and the engineers consider the technical aspects of the flight

With full service that will make both passengers to fly again .. again and again ...

Lion Air Flight Planning serve Hajj 2009

After success on regional routes, LION AIR plan to open new routes to foreign countries, and the city is the target of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. With new route to Jeddah LION AIR hope to serve the transportation of hajj in 2009.

LION AIR will provide a cheaper price and with the full service. With the value of security and comfort first, Lion Air will give the disc price, even up to 30 percent, so that Hajj can save up to 5 million in the Hajj trip.

LION AIR planned use will be a fleet of Boeing 737-400 can carry about 400 passengers in flight.

for the first LION AIR will fly once daily to jeddah, and plans are to build branch offices in Jeddah.

MD-82 aircraft should be checked often

Boeing-made aircraft with the type of MD-82 get special attention from the transportation ministry. "To the airlines operating the aircraft type MD-82 must often conduct inspections" said Jusman Syafii Djamal. This is related to the frequency of an accident befalling the plane MD some time past. Last fall MD-82 belonging to the Spanair accident in the airport Baraja, Spain that killed more than 150 passengers.

One of the airlines that still use the MD-82 aircraft is LION AIR.ministry of transportation hope to management's LION AIR frequently to conduct inspections.

Management said that Lion Air MD-82 aircraft owned by LION AIR has obtained certification from the Boeing. "MD 82 Operations in Indonesia is to get the advisory for flying" said of LION AIR management

Kamis, 22 Januari 2009

Plane Accident in Indonesian


Each new year comes, we will recall the loss of the plane adam Air in the Majene sea, south Sulawesi. The aircraft with registration PK-KKW (Papa-Kilo-Kilo-Kilo-Whiskey) missing and not be detected by radar.Boeing 737-400 that departed from the Juanda Airport,Surabaya living for manado at 13:00 LT and is estimated to arrive at the Sam Ratulangi Airport at 15:07 LT. Based on information from Juanda airport, the last time communicate with the pilot at 14:07 when the plane was over masalembu sea.This plane carrying 85 adult passengers, 7 Child passengers and 4 infants and 6 crew.


MANDALA AIR aircraft on 5 september 2005 failed to take off properly. After approximately 1 km away medan Polonia airport runway, the plane with the registration PK-RIM (Papa-Kilo-Romeo-India-Mike) fell in the settlement. 102 passengers and 47 people died at that time.


Lion Air aircraft with flight number JT 538, slipped to the outside foundation Adi Sumarmo Airport, Solo, Central Java, on Tuesday 30 September 2004, at approximately 18:15 WIB. Aircraft that carry 140 passengers this out of the runway and Conditions fuselage split two own.
Dozens killed in passenger estimated the accident.

Accident-injury before the accident that occurred a few flights in indonesian. Some of the accidents are:

Trigana Air Service plane fell on the village Bioga, Puncak Jaya regency, Papua. 12 victims killed in the incident.

26 September 1997, the Garuda Indonesia plane with Airbus A-300B4 fell in the north Sumatra city of Medan. Some 222 passengers and 12 crew killed in the accident was the biggest.

This post is not to take back the plane mourning family of the victim, but we expected introspective and government regulations can make a more explicit in the aviation business.

Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

The Private Sector Can Manage Airport

In mid-December 2008 indonesian government has passed laws about air transportation. now the private sector be given the authority to manage the airport. This rule is made so that the role of the private sector and local governments to manage the airport in accordance with the concept of regional autonomy. can be further cooperation between both parties, but the management of the airport by the private sector must remain the safety and security. while the air traffic, the government should still play a role.

manage the airport balance between the private sector and the government has been practiced in the schippol airport, Netherlands, in the case of air should be fixed by the government as they relate to flight safety.

Hopefully with this change can make a European union, revoke restrictions indonesian airlines flying in Europe. "I hope before this year's mid-European union has revoked the ban indonesian airlines flying in Europe" said the general director of air transportation Mr Budhi Mulyaman Suyitno.

Selasa, 20 Januari 2009

New Radar At Juanda Airport

The flight service users Juanda Airport in future more peaceful and to fly from the airport. Because,the airport is preparing to improve several facilities.

Well, one of the most priority is get the radar facility. Currently, PT Angkasa Pura and Administrator Airport (Adban) Juanda ensure radar will replace the old airport with a new one. Planned.

''At least, in the near future have operated. If the radar is replaced, the traffic information system in the flight Juanda be better,''said Juanda Plt Head Adban Aries Martono yesterday.

He explains, this new radar is made in the Czech Republic. Power coverage (coverage area) will reach 250 miles. This figure is in line with recommendations issued ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), each of which are international airport should be equipped with radar facilities for coverage more than 250 miles.

According to the plan, this radar will be placed on the east side Juanda Airport.

The existence of a radar in the Juanda get attention by various parties. Although those with the international airport, traffic information systems in the flight Juanda Airport is still worrying. Radar used are old and reaching only about 180 miles.


After almost 10 months operating in the area of east Kalimantan, starting early February 2009 Trigana Air company will open a new route.With fleet of ATR 42-300, Trigana Air will fly over the city in south Kalimantan, namely Kotabaru and Banjarmasin.If see record flight from riau airlines (airlines that fly over the city before), management believes can get the load faactor about 80 percent.

Trigana Air actually had a fly in the city this year 2007-2008, but due to the lack of fleet Irian jaya, management shifts from the plane to Papua to meet the needs of the people in Irian jaya. Now with added latest fleet of ATR-72 in Irian Jaya, ATR 42-300 aircraft can be operated again to kalimantan.

After Riau airlines decided to stop flying to Kotabaru and Banjarmasin, many people in this area feel that the difficulties in traveling."We would like very difficult when traveling, when the boat must be increased with a long time" said wati."I hope with the inclusion of Trigana Air can facilitate people traveling in Kotabaru".Said wati again.

Previous Trigana Air fly over the city have been in east Kalimantan, the
Nunukan and
Tanjung Selor.

Jumat, 16 Januari 2009

Merpati Failed To Take Off

Merpati Nusantara with flight number MZ-762 living for Timika failed to take off at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar ,after the left rear tire broke out.

The plane was in the end of the runway (runway) 1.3. The process of evacuation is still in progress. All passengers and consists of 164 people and seven crew was reported safe.

Assistant Manager SIM Tapor and Public Relation of PT Angkasa Pura I Hasanuddn Branch Airport, Didi, said, the events occurred at 10:10 WITA. When separated lye would go, the rear left wheel broke out.

Pilot Capt Trisanto Yanuar immediately decided to cancel the take-off and halt the plane at the end of the runway. Despite shocks occurred, no passengers were reported injured.

"At 11:30 o'clock position of the aircraft at the end of the runway and awaiting evacuation. Wheel aircraft will be replaced and drawn to the apron (aircraft parking field), "Didi said.

Mandala Airlines Flying With One Type of Aircraft

To be able to compete in the regional aviation industry or Southeast Asia, Mandala Airlines today began implementing policies to fly with one type of aircraft (single fleet), namely Airbus. In addition, the national airline will add several new routes in Indonesia and East regional.

''Today is the last day we use a Boeing 737-400. Furthermore, all our fleet will use Airbus A319 and A320,''said Megawati KD Trisia, head of corporate communication Mandala Airlines, in a press conference in the Executive Lounge Juanda Airport yesterday (15/01).

Mandala currently operates 17 aircraft. From that amount, 12 of them Airbus. All lease (rent to buy). Five Boeing aircraft no longer operated.

According to him, one of the reasons Mandala Airlines operates a single fleet policy is efficiency. The use of Airbus planes can save operational costs, better maintenance, spare parts, to crew training.

Mandala Air invest USD 1.8 billion to buy 32 Airbus. Airplanes that will gradually come in 2010-2012. This year,''Airbus that we still use leasing. But, the 32 aircraft will own the property,''he said.

He said, Airbus has a high fuel efficiency (Avtur) higher than other type aircraft that have been aged. ''So, we can provide more efficient and price competitive to the passengers,''said Trisia.

This year, Mandala will bring about 6-8 Airbus operated on the route to-new route, especially in east of Indonesia and regional, with a distance of five hours. Mandala currently has 20 new domestic routes to provide 600 thousand seat per month. Load factor''we average 85 percent for all routes,''he said.

With the planned addition of the route this year, Mandala Air hope can carry 6-7 million passengers.

Senin, 12 Januari 2009

Aircraft Of Indonesia Airlines

Rapid competitive civil aviation business, making each other airlines compete to bring the type of aircraft best. As the Lion Air with Boeing-900 ER and Mandala-AIR with Airbus A320.

With the latest aircraft, airlines hope to affect the safety of passengers on the flight, because there is a lot of indonesian airlines that still use the airplanes that is old age.

Following the example of the aircraft each in the indonesian airlines :

Lion- Air (B-900 ER)

Trigana Air (ATR -72)

Pelita Air (Foker)

Air Asia

Sriwijaya Air

Mandala Air

Merpati Nusantara

Batavia Air


Garuda Indonesia

Minggu, 11 Januari 2009

Airport Selaparang Apply Open-Close System

Management of PT Angkasa Pura I Selaparang Airport the open-close system flight because of bad weather with heavy rain gale since Friday.

Well, Flight back to normal activity since 06.00 Wita until afternoon, although rain is still going but not like before. Until 13:00 o'clock, flight activity occurs (land and offshore base) four major types of aircraft and two Boeing 737 aircraft similar small ATR-42.

However, start at 13:45 Wita, flight activity at the Airport Selaparang Mataram was closed again because of heavy rain accompanied by gale. Is currently in heavy rain Selaparang Airport flight activity so closed temporarily, if the weather improved again opened new again, he said.

Lion Air plane that carry hajj group home NTB Surabaya's Juanda Airport, landed at the airport trying Selaparang, at 02.00 and 03.00 Wita, but canceled and directed to return to the Juanda Airport because the weather continues to deteriorate.

He continues to spin in the air waiting for weather changes that allow for action at the Airport landing Selaparang, so that to attract residents of Mataram. At around 04.00 wita, we open the event because the flight and the weather began to improve at 04.21 Wita Lion Air aircraft that carry it can Jamaah Hajj landed safely and smoothly, he said.

Flood At Temindung Airport

Rain caused flooding and river overflow Karangmumus create Temindung Airport, Samarinda, East Kalimantan closed. It is two days by plane Trigana Air ATR-42 PK-YRE can not operate in the Temindung Airport in Samarinda caused flood that never subside, Floods in Samarinda indeed can not be separated by the airport. At least, for the last two months, Temindung Airport 2 times already submerged.

Cause Part of temindung airport stagnant water, a number of flights from the airport and had to be diverted Temindung to Sepinggan Airport Balikpapan. Flight Canceled is not caused because the airport is closed.

Movement of departure and arrival aircraft, from temindung airport to sepinggan airport is an initiative of airline companies themselves. "In fact, although the flooding, the airport fixed in the open. However, because airlines have other considerations, so all flight canceled.

Australians Pilot Demanded Three Years in Prison

Pilot Australian citizen who aircraft landing in Merauke, Papua,demanded three years in prison. Votes have been accused entered Indonesian territory without permission. The general prosecutor also ask the judge for Willem Schot Hendry fine of Rp 60 million.

Meanwhile, four passenger planes in addition demanded punishment of three years also fined Rp 30 million for violation of the Immigration Act. Team lawyers accused prosecutors deny the charges. Willem landed the plane because there is consent from the airport control tower.

Cesna planes Cape Air Tranport,with four Australians passenger landed at Mopah Airport, Merauke on 12 September 2008.

Sabtu, 10 Januari 2009

WEB And ON-LINE Reservation

The system off line at this time living history, especially for aviation industry, Offline system can not be relied upon again in the aviation industry, is now available for reservation-based system of information technology (Computerized Reservation System, or CRS).

Passenger planes now have so many options and destination airline. With the system that is still off line, it is an obstacle to reservation customers. Which for some of the airline tickets had certain reservations made via phone or fax. Even in certain situations, forced to make a reservation through another travel agency.

Using the online system we have benefited, among others: the reservation in real time and cost savings of communication. Conditions make airlines switch to the system online. almost all airlines in Indonesia have been using the online reservation and even have a reservation to use the web.

Following list of web address reservation airlines in Indonesia :
1. Lion Air-Wings Air :
2. Mandala Air :
3. Sriwijaya Air :
4. Batavia Air :
5. Merpati Nusantara :
6. Citilink :
7. Trigana Air :
8. Garuda Indonesia :

Civil Aircraft

Civil aircraft is aircraft used to transport passengers and their baggage and civilian cargo (with a certain capacity). The requirements on the carriage is set in the civil law, both the government and international agencies through the United Nations called ICAO (International Civil Aviation organization). As well as the development of aircraft, the development of civilian passenger aircraft also colored the development of hot air balloon and zeppelin. Zeppelin may be called pure passenger planes because they are capable and can carry passengers as the aircraft is controlled. It was first used as a passenger plane in 1909 by the first airline, Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-AG (DELAG).

After World War II, many new airlines established in various parts of the world by using military transport planes that are not used again and the latest innovations in the form of jet engine, which first appeared in comparison engine turboprop. The Comet type of jet aircraft as the first civilian jet aircraft operated. However, the accident occurred due to metal fatigue, which was still difficult to identify, making the development of jet aircraft somewhat hampered.

Then, the idea appears to make the big sizes aircraft jet that is capable cross to various countries. With the big sized planes, the cost of tickets can be cut because the plane is able to carry 300 more passengers to the destination in a one-time departure.

Several types of big sizes aircraft are used in indonesian among others : Lion Air With Boeing 900 ER and mandala air, batavia air with Airbus.

Jumat, 09 Januari 2009

Electronic Ticket

Migration system that is used domestic airline in Indonesia's paper ticket to electronic ticket has been adapted by Garuda Indonesian Airways, Airasia,Mandala air,Batavia air,Citilink,Trigana Air And Lion Air. However, different from other airlines, Lion Air use e-ticket for passengers directly, not to be distributed through travel agents.

Electronic ticket (electronic ticket / e-ticket) is used for the purchase of seat passenger aircraft. The form of this ticket has now replaced the paper ticket (paper ticket) a long time. Electronic tickets also reduce the cost of airlines, so ticket prices can also be

Electronic ticket (e-ticket) is basically a sheet print out the reservation of the airline reservation system. Therefore, simply record your booking code,you are already registered as a passenger in the airlines concerned and you can re-print your e-ticket counter at the airline before you check in at the airport, with the mention booking code that provide and demonstrate the appropriate indentitas card with the name recorded in the code booking it.

Sriwijaya Air Have Hydraulic System Problem

On Friday, 9 january 2009, sriwijaya Air on flight number SJ-180 have a problem with hydraulic system on the main wheel(front wheel). Plane with route Jakarta -Pontianak, have carrying 109 passengers. Problems at the main wheel of the new note after the aircraft for 20 minutes go to Supadio airport,Pontianak city. Eventually, the pilot decided to return to the Soekarno-Hatta airport,Jakarta. The aircraft had several times trying to landing at the airport, but then flying again because the aircraft wheels never opens.

After one hour spin in the air, the wheels can finally open and the plane landed safely. Car fire has been prepared to anticipate. The passengers feel relieved after the plane landing safely at Soekarno-Hatta airport. They are afraid when the plane runs out of fuel,moreover, the weather around the Soekarno-Hatta Airport are cloudy, so the plane was shaken.

after some time,Eventually,the passengers flying to Pontianak with other aircraft.

Rabu, 07 Januari 2009

Soekarno Hatta Airport Will Be Non-Smoking

Efforts smoking restrictions most growing. PT Angkasa Pura (AP) II as the manager Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng, will implement a smoking ban in all locations which is the airport entrance gate to Indonesia.

Main Branch Head PT AP II Herianto said, is now time for smoking ban at airport like airport outside the country. ''Try to see it, at this time many people who smoke in any place in the airport,''he added.

In influence to the other people. Cause, smokers generally discard ashes and cigarette butt in any place. ''I hope the smoking prohibition will make this airport more clean and comfortable,''he said.

Public Relations Manager of PT AP II Trisno Heryadi add, smoking prohibition rules in the airport is very urgent. ''If you want to make this airport more clean and more comfortable, there must be a legal policy for the prosecution of the offender rules firmly and clearly, "explained.

So far, the airport, especially in the terminal 2, some locations have been set for smoking passengers. As the meeting point between the terminal D and E. 2 Similarly at the end of the terminal 2 A with only install the notice board bertulisan smoke-free areas.

Even though there was smoke, even though sober, many passengers who smoke wishes in various locations such as chairs waiting passengers, cafes along the terminal 2 and down the stairs from the second floor location of departure and arrival overseas without prohibiting.

In fact, the situation in the terminal 1 worse. The causes, the passenger smoke, without action from security.

Free Fiscal for Assessable Number Owner

The first day of the fiscal-free travel abroad running smoothly. In fact, the check number required for tax-free financial services only take a minute.

The situation in the office of fiscal free in Soekarno Hatta Airport in Terminal 2 E, Garuda Indonesia, does not look the long queue. The average passenger aircraft already understand how to manage fiscal free. In fact, free of fiscal management can be completed in seconds.

"I just take a minute," said passenger destination Singapore, in Cengkareng Airport, "I submitted my card, then checked and finished the course."

How to manage this fiscal freely said not much different from when the fiscal will go abroad before. The difference is only with the passenger NPWP, and no longer pay fiscal. Instead, passengers who do not have the required fiscal NPWP Rp 2.5 million.
From the observation at 07:00 WIB since two airlines flight to Singapore and Hongkong goal at 09:00 WIB and WIB 09:910, no passengers who complained about the service. In general, they already know how the implementation of fiscal free.

Of the two passenger flight this morning to enjoy this free fiscal generally dominated by those who entered the free category for the fiscal NPWP.

Radiotelephony Alphabet

In the flight, is the absolute for a pilot to control the procedures of communication with ATC. In Indonesia, the language used in general is in English. This only a summary of the procedures required in the air communication.

Following list of Radiotelephony Alphabet.


























































PK (Papa Kilo), this is an international registration for airplanes Indonesia. All countries already have their respective registration. Registration of airplane is usually written on the tail plane. As an example is the registration airlines Boeing 737-200 belonging to Trigana Air Service, which has registered as PK-YRT (picture on left side) or Boeing 737-900 ER lion air owned that has registered PK-LFH. (picture on right side).